Beech Hall Centenary Trust

The Beech Hall Centenary Trust was founded in February 2017 as a fundraising body for the Alumni  for the benefit of the current children of Beech Hall School.  The Trust is governed by three trustees Geraldine Yandell, Deborah O'Connor & Tandy Palmes, and was named with the School's Centenary in mind in 2026. It has also been registered with the England & Wales Charity Commission (Charity No: 1187666) with effect from 30 January 2019.

The objects for the Trust are:

To advance the education for the benefit of the children of Beech Hall School & Nursery, Macclesfield by means of, but not exclusively by:

  • Providing and assisting in the provision of education and facilities for education.
  • Making grants and awards through means-tested bursaries

All three trustees have had a long and varied association with the School:

Geraldine Yandell (née Jolly)

Geraldine has had a long association with the school – watching it grow and develop from a traditional Prep school, when the main focus for senior pupils was passing their Common Entrance Examination, to a school with a Nursery and pupils who sit their GCSE examinations.  Geraldine says, "Some things remain the same, some things are very different; however, the family ethos remains constant throughout."

Tandy Palmes

Tandy has been associated with the School since 2005 when her son, Otis started in the Nursery, formerly known as Little Griffins. During Otis' time at the School, Tandy was heavily involved with the Beech Hall Parents' Association and its fundraising efforts, and is hoping to continue this through the Trust.  She is also now employed by the School to run the Alumni and oversee the work of the Trust.

Deborah O'Connor (née Morris)

Deborah is a former pupil of the School attending from 1986-89, and now a parent, as her son attends the School.  Deborah runs a regular after-school hockey club for Beech Hall, putting back some of the passion she learned from the sport during her time at Beech Hall.