Beech Hall School introduces Autumn Wellbeing Day

Beech Hall School is delighted to announce the success of its first Wellbeing Day, which saw pupils and staff participate in a variety of activities designed to help support their physical and mental wellbeing.


In a bid to further strategies for positive mental health within the Tytherington-based school, the infants, juniors and seniors engaged in workshops based on five steps to improving mental wellbeing; to be active, connect with themselves, learn new skills, give to others and be more mindful.

As part of these workshops, students took part in random acts of kindness, which saw them write down promises and positive affirmations to their fellow classmates, recognising their individual strengths and characteristics. 

An overall highlight for the students was the private yoga sessions which were taught to each year group by local yoga instructor, Emma Townley, designed to help the students restore their energy and concentration. 

“Often when children are so busy with lots of activities and school work, they don’t take the time to rest and breathe consciously. 

Yoga is about self care and learning to quieten the mind, so by teaching the students these simple mindfulness techniques, we hope they feel more confident to practice them in their daily lives,” said Emma. 

Alex Rangayah, aged 10 expressed, “I enjoyed the meditating as it helped to clear my mind and I also loved the downward dog as it stretched out my body.”

Headmaster James Allen commented, “It was a happy, enlightening and uplifting day. I’ve heard lots of children giggle and laugh.

“At Beech Hall School the wellbeing of our pupils is of the upmost importance which is why we have facilitated this day and will continually seek ways to support their mental health.”