Educational Adventure for Beech Hall School Pupils

Pupils at Beech Hall School have recently returned from an adventure fuelled, three-day educational excursion to Glaramara in the Lake District.


The cohort of fifty excited children from the Tytherington-based school were immersed in a variety of activities, to challenge themselves in conquering their fears and overcoming obstacles, whilst developing their skillset.


Pupils showed their sheer determination to succeed when engaging in challenges from ghyll scrambling in cold and fearsome torrents, to kayaking and canoeing. Their impressive accomplishments ranged from abseiling down towering rock faces to reaching the towering heights of rock-climbing walls.


Headmaster James Allen commented, “The pupils and staff members have had an exhilarating time in the Lake District, stepping out of their comfort zone to bravely embark on a variety of inspirational and adventurous tasks. For many, this trip was their first time away from home, and it was great to witness each pupil digging deep in so many different ways to achieve individual goals.


“During the trip, outstanding examples of teamwork, friendship and determination have been observed, very much reflecting our core values here at Beech Hall School.”