Senior Prefects on Tour 2017

At 6am on Friday 8 September, 6 pupils and 2 members of staff drove 100 miles, much of it at 62mph, to North Wales.  There we ate several breakfast baps before arriving at Zip World in the Penrhyn Quarry to be weighed, kitted up and taken to the Little Zipper, very much a mooch of a zip line to get us warmed up for the main event!

A fifteen minute truck ride up the slate mountain lands us at the summit of the Big Zipper, a 1560m (yes one mile) zip line, the longest in Europe.  A staggering 152m (500 feet!) above the lake below and a starting height above sea level of 432m, the two zip lines have a breaking strength of 27.7 tonnes (28,000kg).  With a rate of 20 people per cable per hour, it wasn’t long before we were lying horizontal on our fronts, trussed up and ready to go.  3, 2, 1 and we were hurtling down the line at speeds of up to 165km/h (119mph) – with only the breaking system and a small drone chute to slow us down.

The evenings training focused on leadership skills and different styles of leadership, including a discussion about 'what makes a good prefect'.

Plans were also made for the year ahead - the prefects first major role will be to lead the ‘Beech Hall Scone Bake Off’ – which will see all school pupils tasked with baking scones for the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on 29 September.

Eight people went to Wales, eight went down the zip line, seven went in the freezing lake at Ffestiniog – and eight returned to Beech Hall on Saturday afternoon!