Beech Hall School

Joshua Hadley

In November 2017, we said farewell to Joshua Hadley who lost his life to cancer after a long and brave battle aged 27.


Joshua Hadley ("Hadley" as he was always known) arrived at Beech Hall as a very active 6 year old, who, if honest, was never going to be the model class pupil. I remember him sat outside the Headmaster's Office awaiting a 'telling off' for some misdemeanour or other on quite a few occasions. It was amazing that these tellings off usually resulted in Josh leaving the Headmaster's Study with a smile on his face and a pocket full of sweets. He could always charm the birds out of the trees, even at six!


Hadley was THE MODEL pupil when it came to the world of sport. He excelled from day one, often playing in teams much older than his age, and frankly starring in those teams. We are all aware of his time spent with teams such as Man Utd and Stoke City. I have said many times, that in terms of pure natural ability and determination too win, he is the best sportsman the school has had in my time (last 20 years) and there have been some good ones!!


Hadley was one of the first boys to go through the Senior School, and it was a privledge and a joy to teach him and his class. There was never any dull moments (!) and the non-model pupils actually did really well in his/their exams.! It was a pleasure to see Josh and the class develop into wonderful young people and become lifelong friends. We all know how friendly Josh and Amy became. I am not sure that was in the School Development Plan at the time or their's but they became wonderful parents and have bought up two lovely girls.


On a personal level, teachers shouldn't have 'favourite' pupils, but frankly we do, and Hadley was one of mine simply because he had so many qualities I admire - full of life, pure determination to succeed/win, great sense of right and wrong. Basically a TOP LAD!! I will be a very proud dad if my own son turns out to be just like HADLEY.


Mr (DJ) Johnson