Beech Hall School

Form III - Lower IV

Please follow the link to download the Mathswatch student guide

Mathswatch Student Guide Mathswatch Student Guide

Revision Guides and Workbooks

A recommended list of CGP revision guides and CGP workbooks is given below. These can be purchased online from and or ordered direct from school at a discount from the list price - please download the KS3 Order form below and return to Mrs Griffin.

If you are not sure whether to purchase the foundation or higher revision books, then please contact Mrs Griffin. 

Foundation Revision Books:

KS3 Order Form

KS3 Maths Study Guide: Foundation

Higher Revision Books:

KS3 Order Form

KS3 Maths Study Guide: Higher

Revision Tips:

  • Revision for maths is best in short, but frequent sessions
  • Revise a page/section in the revision guide, and complete the relevant section of the workbook
  • Mark the workbook. If you still don't understand the topic then speak to Mrs Griffin

Other Tips

  • Ensure your child is equipped with a geometry set and scientific calculator, which they should bring to school and use for homework
  • Check your child is completing homework and encourage them to seek help if they are struggling.
  • Finally, be positive about Maths at Home!