Beech Hall School

A Virtual Celebration

A Virtual Celebration… Award-Winning Pupils at Beech Hall School  

Pupils at Beech Hall School have been commended for their impressive achievements during the school’s annual Prize Giving Ceremony, this year with a virtual twist. 

The extraordinary academic year culminated with an exciting digital awards ceremony, whereby 300 attendees from the Beech Hall School community joined together online to commend the triumphant efforts made.

A selection of students were praised for their “effort leading to progress” in a variety of categories, alongside prizes for sport, music and extra-curricular activities, including the arduous ice swim. Headmaster James Allen and special guest Professor Michael Lewis, Executive Chairman of the Riverston Group, presented the winners with their certificates and trophies via the live social media stream. 

Special recognition went to Beech Hall School alumna and recently-appointed Animal Welfare Officer, Sian Turner (17), who was commended with the Jay Award for contribution to the school environment, and Emily Neilson (14) who secured the Macclesfield Brass Band Award for musical contribution to the school. 

Poynton resident, Luke Francis (13), was awarded with the Joshua Hadley Plate for the most determined sportsperson. 

Professor Michael Lewis addressed the audience, “This year has been a somewhat unusual year with many new challenges that are impacting hugely on the usual running of the school. Our home learning platform, which had to be so quickly put in place, has been very well received and enabled many pupils to not just maintain, but in many cases enhance their individual learning. I’ve greatly enjoyed checking the individual student participation data and have been delighted by the constant high levels of engagement. 

“I congratulate you all. Congratulations should also go to the staff who facilitated this new platform and also the students, parents and all staff members who supported and persevered with the challenges arising.”

Headmaster, James Allen, commented: “I am exceptionally proud of our pupils, staff members and also parents for their achievements during this unprecedented time. We are a school community – of learners, of friends, of colleagues – who support one another, who work with one another, and who stand up for one another. This is what it means to be part of the Beech Hall School community.”