Beech Hall School

Bursary Fund

Due to the Covid-19 crisis and the current unprecedented times, which has brought uncertainty to many businesses and has directly affected a proportion of our parents and their ability to pay in full their School fees, we have established the Beech Hall Centenary Trust Bursary Fund.

The School, in order to assist parents, has reduced School fees by 17% for the Summer Term and has adapted an online and inter-active learning platform for all pupils to enable them to continue their studies. Those parents who are financially able and willing to donate the additional 17% to the School, have been asked to put this into the Bursary Fund, in order that funds can be used to assist those in need on a short term basis, and Gift Aid where possible.  We would like to personally thank all those parents who have made this donation as it will greatly assist not only pupils and parents, but also the School itself.

We appreciate that everyone's financial situations are different at this current time, but if you are able to donate to the Fund as an Old Griffinian, your support would be greatly appreciated in these difficult times.

To donate, please click here.