Beech Hall School

Recommended Reads - Seniors

Happy World Book Day! 
To celebrate and to continue our focus on our children's reading, we are launching a new Recommended Reads list to you. The list comprises novels which are appropriate for our senior pupils and for you too!
Each title, which has been recommended by a Beech Hall member of staff, is accompanied by a summary of the plot as well as the Accelerated Reader book level. You will have received your pupil's ZPD book level reading range. If your child is reading a book at a level reasonably between the upper and lower limits of the ZPD, then they should be able to access most of the words and understand the story.
There is a wide range of genres and ability levels provided for but this is by no means a reading list that everyone must adhere to. If you or your child wants to choose a book outside of this list, that is absolutely fine. Please ask your child to check the book level with their English teacher just in case their choice isn't appropriate for their reading development. Having said that, we do want children to read for pleasure too, so the odd quick read will be encouraged!

   Recommended Reads - Seniors


We hope you enjoy the selection and if you need any support with supporting your child with their reading at home, please do not hesitate to get in touch -

Mr B Coulbeck

Head of English