Beech Hall School

New Key Stage 3 Grade Descriptors

Whilst we as a school have adapted to the changes in GCSE levels to the new 9 -1 grading system the government has also radically changed the Key Stage 3 curriculum for our year 7, 8 and year 9 pupils.  The change in content means that the old assessment system of levels is no longer applicable. In fact, the Government review of the new national curriculum went as far as to say that the system of levels may in fact ‘inhibit overall performance’. 

To ensure that parents and pupils can continue to monitor progress effectively we have adopted a new approach to KS3 assessment. This system is being implemented by most schools across the UK and is designed to reflect the changes that the government introduced a couple of years ago and has also introduced into primary schools but also to provide a strong platform to prepare pupils for our raised expectations at GCSE. 


Grade Descriptors